The Flying club has several goals:

  1. To promote the aviation interest encouraging students, staff, professors and alumni of the University of Kansas and their families to explore the skies of Kansas and beyond through a not for profit organization.

  2. To provide a way to reduce the cost of obtaining a private pilot certificate via an FAA flight instructor (CFI)

  3. To serve as a less expensive alternative to achieving an instrumental rating or commercial pilot license (certification) towards a prospective job opportunity outside of the club, or to be a more experienced and safer pilot.

  4. To reduce the cost per hour of a flight for all club members.

It is NOT the goal/purpose of the Flying Club:

  1. To serve as any kind of experimental platform.

  2. To serve as a business (profit) platform of any kind. Pilots may share (pro rate) the flight expenses in equal parts as per FAR-61.113