Become a Pilot!

  1. Contact us.
    The best way for you to get information about us and for us to get information about you is to fill out our new member form. Or you may send us an e-mail at
    We'll talk with you about who we are, our goals as a club and to verify your eligibility.

  2. Join the Flying Club
    You can pay online with the following button:

    Initial Membership ($50)
    + 1st Month ($10) = $60

  3. **Recommended** Join the AOPA
    I know this may seem premature but it's an excellent resource and gives you access to many tools that you will need.
    You have two options here if you have a buddy that is a pilot you can have him sign you up on the AOPA project pilot website as your mentor here: (you just need to give him your e-mail and mailing address)
    Otherwise you can sign up yourself as a student pilot here:

    Time: 1 hour
    Money: Free for 6 months $39/year after that

  4. Obtain a 3rd class medical certificate
    This also acts as your student pilot's license.  The website for medical examiners is: This is required to fly solo and is then good for five years if you're under 40.

  5. **Consider** Getting renter's insurance
    The planes we fly are currently covered except for the deductible in case of an accident. However you may want to consider getting renter's insurance that would cover that deductible in case something did happen.  Recommended insurance is:
    Note: Being an AOPA member saves you money but is not required for this insurance.

    Time: 1 hour
    Money: $81 - $220/yr

  6. Start flying!
    You can schedule an introductory flight for $99 with Hetrick Air Services which will get you half an hour of flying with a CFI., 785-842-0000.