Welcome to the Flying Club at the University of Kansas

Founded in 2008, the KU Flying Club is an official student organization through the University of Kansas and we are also a 501(c)3 non-profit. Because of this, we have the flexibility to accept students, alumni, faculty, and their direct relatives with an interest in aviation as members. Our main objective is ultimately to provide a method for members to obtain their private pilot license, additional endorsements, fly at a discounted rate, and to spread the joy of aviation.

If you are interested in joining the flying club, fill out our new member form or send us an e-mail at: flyingclub@ku.edu.

For new pilots check out our Become a Pilot! page and our FAQ.

We have excellent deals set up with Hetrick Air Services at the Lawrence Municipal Airport (LWC). Members can rent an airplane for as little as $81 per hour!

Planes and rates available at Hetricks Air Services:
Make/Model Tail Number $/hr
Cessna 152 N4450C (1983) 81
Cessna 162 N5214F (2011) 98
Cessna 172S N99HV (2005) 115
Cessna 172S G1000 N172FR (2008) 122
Instructor Rate   35

As of 7/15/14, our website was moved from the groups.ku.edu subdomain to our own domain. So if you find any broken links, something doesn't appear correct, or you believe you are mistakenly seeing our ERROR 404 page, please send us an email so we may try to fix the problem!

Comments, questions or concerns about the website? Send us an email! flyingclub@ku.edu

Note: to fly any of these airplanes, you must still be rated/checked out in them and pass Hetrick Air Services' insurance checkout. Becoming a member of the KU Flying Club does not guarantee you this ability. For more information, send us an email or call HAS.